Wd my book 3tb blinking light

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Wd my book 3tb blinking light

The tiny bulb is constantly blinking when plugged in. Showing there is power, just not reading. It could be the power supply although its showing its getting power but it could be lower than needed to. There seems to be some spinning of the HD when it is plugged in, but then it slows down to silence… Now only the LED is blinking.

Any suggestions or have we screwed? What does the rapidly blinking LED light mean? Did you try moving the power supply to a different plug not in a surge protector? It might be the voltage adapter. Actually I put my ear to the disk and it spins up to full speed, stays there for5 seconds then shuts down.

My 3TB disk was as dead as a doornail So, I opened it up with a credit card. So in my case, both the disk and electronics were kaput! Better luck to you! I accidentaly dropped the disk, the light is blinking, the device is recognised in bios mode and in device management but i cant see it on my computer. I tried some programs to save my data but they show my disk with wrong capacity 2T instead of 1.

Also in disk management the disk appears as unknown and not registered or allocatedthere is no drive letter. Is there any way to retrieve my data? Thank you in advance. HALLO…What happened with you happened with me the same seinario…am checking the solution in the forums…we can cooperate to find a solutoin…deal…. Flashing light for 1 minute with spinning sound and then it shuts down. I have only had the hard drive for a week but threw out the box, hopefully that isnt a problem!

I googled the solution but there is none. Do any WD employees or technicians actually read this forum? Was working fine. The HD does not spin. A terminal fault in a drive about a year old is unacceptable.

Most people would have a multi socket adaptor for their PC, Monitor, etc which is why this problem is so often.

I have Windows 7 Operation System. Hope this helps anyone whom bought it. Wierd, after i formatted, i replugged it into the one I had with multi adaptor socket and it works fine now! Same for me.When checking the device I noticed the blue flashing LED at the front of the device, so I immediately started to investigate what this could be. I found that the Western Digital webpages state that the device is either booting up, doing a firmware update, or performing a file check.

Booting up the system is unlikely, as it is in this state for many days already. Performing a file check can be it is making some noise but is going on for many days as well. Did anyone else tried that option or has any other solutions that I can try? I would like to avoid the last one as I am not that technical, but if its the only option forward of course happy to try.

Not sure how to try the new firmware when I cant get it an ip address and on the network. It makes the dashboard unreachable as well.

wd my book 3tb blinking light

I might try that after recovering the data. When the device is in the fast blinking mode. Pull the network cable. Does the led change color to red? Has anything changed on the local network?

New router?

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New broadband provider? New network equipment? Couple of troubleshooting steps. Disconnect all other network devices including WiFi connected devices. Power down the router and the My Cloud.

Windows 10 drag and drop settings

Wait a few minutes and then power on the router and wait for it to finish booting into operating mode. Then power on the My Cloud. Leave all other network devices disconnected from the router. If it does then power on the rest of the network devices and use a computer to check My Cloud operation. Try putting a network switch between the My Cloud and the network router.

There is a known issue with certain routers and the My Cloud that can be solved by connecting the My Cloud to a network switch, then connecting that switch to the network router.

Really need some help. Hi Jurgen, did you manage to solve somehow problem with blue flashing light? I have exactly same problem and tried to do same troubleshooting steps but without change.

Light still flashing for many days. I hope, there can be the easier solution. No, needed to extract the harddrive and boot it through Linux as an external drive to eventually get the data off. Thats all the fun! Didnt you know this? WD made all there cloud devices so you either break them and throw them away and buy from another company or they hope your dumb enough to purchase another product like the my passport or something else that resembles a backup device but really isnt.

If a hard drive is in a shoe box, its still a hard drive right?Turn it off for several hours to allow the drive and electroncs to cool down.

wd my book 3tb blinking light

Apart from that, contact Western Digital support. I am having the exact same issue only with my Sony Blu Ray player - which is a near identical set-up to the PS3 or at least it was….

No I only get the blue light and there would appear to be no communication between the router and the drive my connection was ok to begin with. My router and all other wired and wireless devices work fine apart from my WD Live Book, please help. I installed the 2.

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I can access the drive just fine, and indeed copied about GB of data onto it. And in the meantime the drive is continuously flashing its green light. Through all of this the drive is visible on the network and accessible and I can access the dashboard. Question 1: How can I kill this process and make sure it stays dead?

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I really have no use for it. I have a feeling that this process and maybe its friend mediacrawler, too is up to no good.

It seems that I am in the same boat. My NAS keeps with the green light on, but all my computers are turned off. I only use the public folder, and have a tone of pictures and videos under the shared folders. What do you suggest me doing? Also how can I see what processed is being run? Otherwise, just wait a few days depends on how many photos you have. What does the Transcode do to my photos? I turned remove acess off but is still blinking. I shutted down, and turn it on again but seems that the process is still running.

These are kept in a hidden cache file within the drive for access only by WD Photos. Are you on the new firmware?

Did you set a sleep timer on the drive? Only other thing is the Media server - that could be indexing your files. Yes, I am using the new firmware and I have energy saver set at ten minutes. Let me monitor in the next couple of days and will let you know. Is it possible that anyone can be accesing the information? Is this correct? I have the same problem with the blinkin green light. It started after I loaded a video and my iphoto library.

I understand that the crawler is transcoding the pics for my smartphone but I never loaded the mobile app for WD Photo. I only loaded WD 2 GO. Adding one other thing. My drive is accessable while the green light blinks but the dashboard no longer works. At least my data seems to be intact and accessible. I have the same problem. Does anyone have any further ideas. My green light has been flashing for 6 days down, and access speed is right down.I just received a new 4TB MyBook. It does not have a white or other color LED to tell you when it is hooked up, or when there is drive activity.

This stinks. This is my 6th Mybook, and all the others have the LED. I use it to tell when the drive is properly connected, and also to see when there is drive activity, which can tell you if the computer is hung up.

If anyone is aware of some type of replacement, like a utility that would show individual drive activity on the computer, please let me know. The outside case has very sharp corners no rounding like previous drives. It is about the same physical size as the previous generation.

Yeah, me too. Yes indeed, a missing activity LED is a major disappointment for me. Unattended, that is. Once every few hours I check the activity LED and see, from a distance…, the copy-process is still going on. Now, with the 8TB drive, I need to switch on my monitor each time, which, bottom line is using up more energy then this tiny little LED. They have the new more rectilinear, and frankly, ugly designs and they have this same problem of missing any activity LED.

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Hi jdbtwo, Like you I hate the fact that they save a few pennies by eliminating an activity led on the newer Mybooks. I cracked open the case and found that the little controller board Sata to Usb 3 has provision for an activity led but it is not loaded.

Fix WD External Hard Drive Not Recognized/Working with Light On Error

It is easy to connect your own led to the pads for the unloaded surface mount led they left off. Anyway you can mount your own led in a hole drilled in the case and connect it to the pads labeled D1.

The pad nearest the crystal is the cathode. The pads are near the Y1 crystal. YouTube shows how to open the case. Good luck! Ditto, indeed very disappointing. I gather some value engineer was looking for brownie points…! People in WD company are very stupid. Unbelievable design flaw, that somehow made it through quality control to mass production. I think I know why the price was so low. If I had known that there are no power or operating LEDs on this product, I would not have purchased it.

What do u achieve by not having a LED? Are you doing it save a few pennies? Your designer who designed this is pathetic. I am not a hardware designer but I can design a better product than this with my common sense. Your whole team should be responsible for putting out such a poor designed product for WD who has a good reputation.

Even my 6 year old asked where the small light was. Very Disappointed. I tried a couple of utilities that were supposed to show drive activity in the system tray. But I either could not get it to reliably work, or was not able to get it showing the MyBook only, instead it would also show activity on the internal drive of the computer. After installing it, the LED drive activity lamp on my case no longer flickers to indicate drive activity.Before having this fast blinking light and drive unrecognizable in windows it had frozen up the computer while transferring a file, so I had to power down the system by holding the power button.

Since then the drive just blinks fast, about 3 times per second, which according to WD's lousy documentation means "activity". I can hear it spin up, sounds like any other drive but doesn't go through the same phases of led-light blinks and I don't think it spins down afterwards either just blinks forever.

I haven't moved the drive around or messed with wires prior either, so I'm wondering if it's one of those PCB replacement jobs that will be needed.

Does anyone know what is happening here? It won't be PCB. You'll need to take it out of the chassis to check it by connecting by it's SATA interface. You won't be able to read the data by SATA as it'll be encrypted by the USB bridge board, so don't even try let alone format it as Windows will prompt you to. I have it connected to an XP machine, finally, after getting XP to install drivers it showed up but not with the correct drive space.

It's showing up as only being Without a drive letter, chkdsk can't be used so I ran WD's LifeGuard Diagnostics Quick Test and after it was saying it would take weeks by it's "Estimated Time Remaining" it returned an error saying "Too many bad sectors detected. It got to of Is this because the drive is encrypted? What is the recommended step now at this point besides assuming the new generic sata cable I used is defective according to the last error message?

It looks like a failing head. The "recommended step now" is to consult with a data recovery specialist if the data is important, and if not, return the drive for warranty exchange. If my "armchair diagnosis" is correct, working with the drive via software only makes things worse. I had just started looking at ddrescue, as it did a one-pass attempt to recover data for backup as opposed to others like spinrite or hdd regenerator that will hammer the drive repeatedly I figure it's worth a shot before sending off for warranty, but did I void the warranty by opening the enclosure and breaking a little plastic tab in the process?

Glue it back together and hope they won't notice. Call WD's Tech Support. Ask them if they will allow you to open the enclosure. From what I've seen at WD's forums, they will usually say yes. Well crap, it says I voided the warranty on the website, here. Please keep all software, manuals and interface cables except an included Thunderbolt cable - it must be returned with the RMA. Please use this document as your reference: "What do I return? Now all I can do is keep trying to recover some files, if it's actually possible.

Which place did you get the drive from. WD enclosures are normally easy to clip open and close again. If there is no visible damage and the case is okay, returning it should be easy. Now if the enclosure is broken, or torn apart than that will be hard to explane. Normally it will be the store that deals with the return. If you got the drive from a supermarket, than a return should be okay. A place like PC world or such would include them checking the drive before returning, but WD does not normally deal with returns on a retail level.

There was one little "clip" that did break and there's minimal amount of tool marks where I had to get the screw driver in but it doesn't look bad. Might not be very obvious unless you were looking to see if it had been opened and of course, once opened you might notice that one clip is broken. Call up their customer service department, tell them what you did and that you didn't open the actual drive and I'm pretty sure they will accommodate you.Since I bought this mybook live 4 months ago the green light flashes constantly and the drive has constant activity.

I have tried rebooting the device repeated times and sometimes it manages to go blue for a very short time before it starts flashing constantly again. I rebooted the drive and it completed the diagnostic with no problems and it went blue for a bit but once again it starts flashing constantly. I am terrified that my precious backups on the drive are being put at risk from all this unnessecary dirve activity and will eventually cause the drive to fail prematurely.

Hi, see if the following link heps. If the problem continues, I recommend you to contact support directly.

I found a solution that nobody has suggested before. I have sent this to WD support to resolve my case. Support Downloads Knowledge Base. German Spanish Italian French. HGST Support. My Book Live. BobbyJones October 15,am 1.

I turned off all media services. Running latest firmware. Any help? Emmadw October 15,am 3. BobbyJones October 15,am 4. I have several folders as a login item on OSX and spotlight is indexing it. Connect the volume or drive you want excluded to your Mac.

Open the System Preferences application. Click on Spotlight, then click on the Privacy tab. The drive happily sits with a constant green light and it even sleeps and goes blue! All rights reserved.I then decided that I should simply reset it and I did, and it took another few hours not talking to me; I learnt my lesson. Your other choice is to kick it, but then you have to glue the pieces together and send it into WD for a replacement unless your gluing job is so terrible then they will refuse to replace it.

I did factory reset through UI and white light is blinking on me for 20 hours now. I tried button reset a couple of times now. If the NAS rebooted already, it is still working on it.

wd my book 3tb blinking light

Give it another 20 hours for good measure, then unplug the power and plug it back in. I had done system only reset. I gave it another 48h or so just for a small hope of saving it. For anyone who is inclined to use the reset function, I advise not to use it without fully backing up the drive. Blinking white light for hours. I hard rebooted by pulling power cord, counting 10 seconds, then plugging back in.

I finally got the drive to respond after pulling power cord. Removing external drive USB cable. Then reinserting power cable. I was able to reconnect in minutes. I followed the steps you outlined to a T. When I plugged the ethernet cable into the My Cloud, the light stayed white and steady for almost 2 minutes then started blinking. Is there anything else I can do?

Did I break my My Cloud by hooking it up to a new modem? Or just by unplugging it? This thing seems awfully temperamental. Am I missing a step? Support Downloads Knowledge Base. German Spanish Italian French. HGST Support. My Cloud. Ralphael October 15,am 2. Ralphael October 15,am 4. Amjay October 15,am 5. Etupes October 15,am 6.


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